Ignoring last received from

Alex alex at skynet-srl.com
Mon Apr 23 14:22:37 IST 2007

Hi guys

I'm playing with a damned configuration I cant' figure how to have i t 

All the mail that comes on some servere passes on STMP servers that are 
behind a firewall.

Those servers are placed in a DMZ and use Postfix with load balancing.

Those SMTP servers decide where to send their mail on different mail 
servers using sendmail AND Mailscanner.

INTERNET ----->firewall----->SMTP servers ( route to 
SMTP using MS -->Mailscanner

If I set up a wihitelist like the following

From:    and   To: address at domain   yes

it will never match since the headers of the received mail on the 
Mailscanner servers look like

Received from: <----- this is the internal IP of the last 
passed trough SMTP server
Received from :   <---- this is the public INTERNET server who 
sent the mail and I cant' match to...

THE SOLUTIONS I TRIED (with no success)
a) used the Remove Header in MS configuration, but this seems top only 
match complete headers.

    I cannote remove
   Received from : 10.0.0.

but I can remove all the receive from headers (uselsess for my problem)

b) It seems I cant find a m4 macro to tell sendmail not to avoid adding 
the Received from  header (it's so easy in Postfix)

I don't think I'm the  only one with this problem.

How did you guys solve this?



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