MailScanner and Centos 5

Hugo van der Kooij hvdkooij at
Mon Apr 23 06:33:11 IST 2007

On Sun, 22 Apr 2007, Steve Mason wrote:

> Hi all. I'm about to setup MailScanner and MailWatch (and possibly fuzzyocr) 
> for a small non-profit.
> Is there any reason I shouldn't use Centos 5?  I looked through my local copy 
> of the list and didn't see much talk of it. Hopefully that's a good sign.

I am awaiting new hardware and that server is intended to become a Centos 
5 server. At which time I will also try to create a repository of RPM 
packages which ware not available on other repositories.

So in a month or so I hope you can just use `yum MailScanner` and besides 
doing the config the process should be more or less automagic.


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