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Thu Apr 19 11:04:20 IST 2007

Shortcircuiting will be included as a feature in SpamAssassin 3.2.0.
That should help.

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Herefordshire Council
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	In my MailScanner setup, I use several addons like DCC, Pyzor,
Razor, OCRText, Spamassassin-rulesdujour, Spamhaus lists, etc...
	I heard about FuzzyOCR's way of not continuing to detect several
properties of an email, if the total SA score is high enough already.
	I can imagine it would be an interesting additional optional
feature for MailScanner, if MailScanner could stop further tests if
let's say
	the High Scoring Spam threshold already is passed?
	I at least would be very interested in this...
	Julian? :-)
	Kind regards,
	Erik van der Leun

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