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> Hi,
> In my MailScanner setup, I use several addons like DCC, Pyzor,
> Razor, OCRText, Spamassassin-rulesdujour, Spamhaus lists, etc...
> I heard about FuzzyOCR's way of not continuing to detect several
> properties of an email, if the total SA score is high enough already.
> I can imagine it would be an interesting additional optional
> feature for MailScanner, if MailScanner could stop further tests
> if let's say
> the High Scoring Spam threshold already is passed?
> I at least would be very interested in this...

I think all those tests are performed in one go when the mail is passed to
FuzzyOCR gets told the current score of the mail when it is passed it by
spamassassin so can choose whether to do any processing at that point. I
dont think Mailscanner can have any coice in the matter.

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