Wich POP3 server

Rob Sterenborg R.Sterenborg at netsourcing.nl
Thu Apr 19 06:49:29 IST 2007

Res wrote:
>On Wed, 18 Apr 2007, Scott Silva wrote:
>> Dovecot was blowing away wu imap way back at 0.99!
> It's one thing to have speed, I agree it is fast, but whats
> the point of being fast if it fails stability, I'd take a slower
> more robust setup over a lightening fast problematic daemon any
> day of the year.

Not wanting to advocate any POP server (I don't have experience with POP
servers in a large environment; I'm just using the IMAP feature for
myself and a few others), the Dovecot website says this:

- "Fri Apr 13 15:00:09 EEST 2007
Released v1.0.0. Finally, after almost 5 years of development."

- "Dovecot's design  and implementation is highly focused on security.
Rather than taking the traditional road of just fixing vulnerabilities
whenever someone happens to report them, I offer 1000 EUR of my own
money to the first person to find a security hole from Dovecot."

Nowhere it's mentioned that a security hole has been found: my guess is
that none is found yet, so the 1000 Euro fee should still be available.
(Well, v1.0.0 is only 6 days old so it would have been bad it one was
found already.)

When was the last time you actually used Dovecot?
If you really think it's still full of holes (there "must" be because I
don't know any software that hasn't got any bugs) then, by judging your
posts here I guess you would be one of the people who can find them.
Maybe you should try and find one so you can cash the 1000 Euro... ;^)


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