Wich POP3 server

Rob Poe rpoe at plattesheriff.org
Wed Apr 18 15:25:05 IST 2007

>> I'm currently searching for a good POP3. I heard that dovecot is pretty good.
>> What do you think ?

>Dovecot is OK, its pretty fast, but buggy, it had 31 or so release 
>candicates before 1.0, and a bug was found the same day it was released
>(under a week ago),

Dovecot was my mail server of choice, until I started having problems where people would get multiple copies of their messages (did I mention that people leave their mail on the server??).  

I was also having problems with "LF not found where expected" which then made it so I kept having to go to the server and move the mail spool file, use formail to re-deliver the mail to a new mbox, then re-chown it back to the proper user.

I went to WU and have been having good luck so far with that (knocks on wood).

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