Archiving with MailScanner

Billy A. Pumphrey bpumphrey at
Tue Apr 17 16:44:44 IST 2007

> Not MailScanner but open source:
> I've tested mailarchiva and it appears to work. It indexes messages
> can
> be used with removable drives and very large storage devices.
> A short review of the product can be found at:
> Best regards,
> Steve
> Steve Swaney
> steve at
> --

I used your link and set this up.  Seems to be a very nice piece.  The
reason for me to use this is that we are a law firm and would be needed
for electronic discovery.  This program is limited to where you cannot
export the emails to a file or something.

Do you know of another open source product that works as well as this
one but has some more functionality to it?

Thank you
Billy Pumphrey

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