TNEF loops

Chris Hammond chris at
Tue Apr 17 01:50:35 IST 2007

Ed Bruce wrote:
> chris at wrote:
>> I sent him Seasons 1, 2 and 3 of West Wing and he should get them today
>> or tomorrow.  That should give him something to do and relax.
>> Chris
> Well I hope he can exchange season 3, because it was still listed on his
> wish list, so I just ordered it a few minutes ago???

I just looked at the list and noticed they list both season and series.
 I wonder if there is any difference.  Oh well.  I wonder if he has got
the ones I sent as Amazon's site does not say if the were delivered just
that they were dispatched and an estimated delivery date of the 10th or

Julian, let me know if you have not received them so I can get on
Amazon's case.


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