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Tue Apr 17 00:31:50 IST 2007

So I have two locations with Bayes Databases. /root/.spamassassin which is
presumably the one that is being updated with my update scripts, and
/var/spool/MailScanner/spamassassin which I think is being updated by
MailScanner itself with the auto bayes learning functions.

Now I need to merge these two databases to save the good work of the bayes
system for the last year (albeit a bit messed up). I could shift my bayes db
to our mysql server, and reading from the docs I think I could populate the
sql database with the data in both of my databases - is this correct?
Otherwise I would like to merge my two databases and keep the database as a
file based schema. Can I actually do this?

Short of spamassassin clustering, are there any good reasons as to keeping
the bayes DB on our sql server. Is it faster? Is it more reliable?



Seamus Allan
Network Engineer
Rheel Electronics Ltd

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Martin.Hepworth wrote:
> Seamus
> In the spam.assassin.prefs.conf you need a line like...
> bayes_path                 /usr/local/var/spamassassin/bayes
> and this force the bayes DB into that dir...

This is what I started off doing.  I now use a mySQL database for a site 
wide configuration.

Anthony Peacock
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