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Seamus Allan seamus at
Mon Apr 16 02:56:12 IST 2007

Heres the output from the sudo'd spamassassin test. I have tried almost
everything in my power to make the /root/.spamassassin folder writable to no
avail, so will need to shift the config elsewhere, and somehow point
spamassassin to it??

[8189] warn: config: cannot write to /root/.spamassassin/user_prefs:
Permission denied
[8189] warn: config: failed to create default user preference file
<snip>Spam message in question
Content analysis details:   (5.7 points, 5.0 required)

 pts rule name              description
---- ----------------------
 2.5 MISSING_HB_SEP         Missing blank line between message header and
 0.0 UNPARSEABLE_RELAY      Informational: message has unparseable relay
 0.2 MISSING_HEADERS        Missing To: header
 0.1 TO_CC_NONE             No To: or Cc: header
 1.3 MISSING_SUBJECT        Missing Subject: header
 1.5 EMPTY_MESSAGE          Message appears to have no textual parts and no
                            Subject: text

I tried testing the Bayesian theory too, and I think that you're right: all
of the bayes learning scripts that I have written run as root (through cron)
so it will be learning to the wrong bayes database.

So the question is where do I most the files (namely bayes files) from
/root/.spamassassin to?



Seamus Allan
Network Engineer
Rheel Electronics Ltd

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What happens if you run the spamassassin -t < messsagefile as the
postfix user?????

Martin Hepworth
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Solid State Logic
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> Hi guys, been lurking for the last while, and now I have a question.
> We are running MailScanner with Postfix and all the jazz quite
> successfully
> for over a year now. After a while I have noticed that some very
> messages are getting through with quite low spam scores. Intrigued, I
> placed
> some of these messages where I could get to them, and ran (as root)
> spamassassin -t < messagefile, and I get a good score (well over the
> threshold). So then I sudo'd the spamassassin command as the postfix
> and I got the low score - bingo.
> However, I am not sure which config is user dependent, and where to
> it
> to such that it gets used by spamassassin when run by the postfix
> It's probably a pretty simple solution, but I just can't find it.
> Cheers
> Seamus.
> Seamus Allan
> Network Engineer
> Rheel Electronics Ltd
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