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James Gray james at
Sun Apr 15 03:15:01 IST 2007

On 13/04/2007, at 8:38 PM, Daniel Fuhrer wrote:

> How can I create the following  mcp rule.
> ·         Subject starts with: RE: SPAM:
> ·         The IP Address from the sending server is
> ·         The sender email dress starts with support@
> Thanks for your help in advance

How about something like this:

header __MCP_SPAM_SUBJ      Subject=~/^re\:\s+spam\:/i
header __MCP_SRCIP_1        Received=~/xxx\.xxx\.xxx\.xxx/
header __MCP_FROM_SUPPORT   From=~/^support\@/i
meta     MCP_MY_RULE        __MCP_SPAM_SUBJ && __MCP_SRCIP_1 &&  
describe MCP_MY_RULE        Something descriptive about this rule
score    MCP_MY_RULE        1.234

This rule is totally untested and I make no guarantees if it will  
work as you want...but it's a start :)

Have fun.

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