Continuing saga of ClamAV module

Scott Silva ssilva at
Thu Apr 12 17:09:53 IST 2007

Edward Prendergast spake the following on 4/12/2007 4:01 AM:
> With the recurring clamavmodule problems of late, has anybody started just
> using clamav direct rather than the module? 
> Is there a huge speed increase to be gained in using the module, or a big
> saving on resources?
> Edward
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I can't answer your request because your disclaimer says I am unauthorized!

I am notifying you that I must have received this e-mail in error.

When will the corporate PHB's realize that these disclaimers are a joke?

Now to answer your question just in case you are forced to have this disclaimer;

The module does save some resources because the system doesn't have to fork a
clamd run. If you get a fair amount of mail on your system, you will notice
the difference. But if you are using other command-line scanners, which you
should be using more than one, I think your return will be less. Every
processor cycle you can save is available to be used elsewhere.


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