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Jeff A. Earickson a écrit :
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>> Subject: Feature Request
>> Recently had a user account become compromised and start spewing spam.
>> Is there any functionality within MailScanner that can alert me once 
>> one user sends more than a predefined number of messages in a given 
>> time period?  If not, I'd dearly love to see this implemented...
> This might not be quite what you are looking for, but check out the 
> IPBlock
> feature of MailScanner.  You can set it up to block email from a certain
> IP after a set amount per hour, configurable by CIDR netblocks.  I use 
> IPBlock for both external large IP netblocks (eg, APNIC) and for 
> netblocks
> in our own class-B domain.  For instance, I have the allowed number of
> messages per hour coming out of our public wireless subnets cranked down
> to a low number.  I don't want some spambot from god-knows-where coming
> into one of these wireless subnets and then spewing.   They get 20 
> messages
> out then get shut down automagically.   Scan the list archives for 
> IPBlock.
> Jeff Earickson
> Colby College
I used to use IPBlock but found it didn't perform well enough when many 
emails come in real fast and pile up in the inqueue before MS can take a 
look at them.

I now use milter-limit (with sendmail) and have eliminated the pile ups 
in the inqueue.  Check http://www.snertsoft.com/sendmail/milter-limit/. 
It's free.


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