OT : alternative to postfix hold queue as it's used by mailscanner

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Can you elaborate a bit more on exactly what you want to do.
It sounds like you are currently using mailscanner and postfix in a hold
queue configuration with imap on the local server?
You want to move some users one at a time so in order to move the data you
want to :-
1) for a particular user halt mail delivery.
2) Sync the mail to the new imap server.
3) Configure postfix to deliver to the new imap server for the migrated user
4) Start releasing the users mail.

I cant see the fact that you are using a hold queue being a problem. Once
the mail has been requeued back into the normal incoming queue then postfix
should follow its normal delivery methods including transport maps if you
have them defined.

I dont know how you would stop mail for a particular user though. Perhaps
you can configure a seaprate hold queue and move mails from there to the
regular hold queue when you want them scanned and released? I dont know if
this is possible.

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  I posted this question a week ago on postfix's newsgroup
alt.comp.mail.postfix but got no answer.  I apologize for being a bit off
topic but I thought maybe someone would be able to help me on this list as
my need is a bit related with mailscanner works with postfix.

  Here's what I sent :

  I'm using postfix associated with mailscanner. When a mail arrives,
postfix puts it in the hold queue, then mailscanner takes it, scans it and
moves it the incoming queue.

  Now, I'm planning to migrate the imap backend to another, beginning with
some users (there will be a transport table to handle presence of both imap

  I'd like to run this process :

  1) Put mails for user foo in some hold queue
  2) use imapsync to transfer imap data to the new backend
  3) set up a transport table with special mention for user foo
  4) release mails from the hold queue for user foo

  Mailscanner using postfix's hold queue, I'm affraid I won't be able to use
it? Do you know an alternative I could use ?

  Thanks in advance,

  Mikael Kermorgant
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