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Jon Radel jon at
Wed Apr 11 00:52:30 IST 2007

Res wrote:
> On Wed, 11 Apr 2007, Hugo van der Kooij wrote:
>> PS: I seem to get the messages from this mailinglist in the proper order.
> Likewise. However the OP was asking about through gmane...

Some MUAs sort the display by time of arrival.  Some by the timestamp
put in the header by the original sender.  Some give you a choice.  Some
give the sending time in the mailbox list display, some give the arrival
time.  Worrying about this without first determining what YOUR MUA does
does not strike me as a likely path to enlightenment.

In a perfect world, every sender would have the computer their MUA runs
on set with accurate time and time zone, and all mailing lists would
redistribute mail in the order in which it was received very, very
quickly.  In which case, all of the above would be pretty much
equivalent.  In the real world, not so much.

--Jon Radel

P.S.  Now if all of you would just please set the time and timezone
properly on your workstations, I'd be happy.  :-)
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