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You might also want to make sure you have the latest TNEF program, in 
case your one is an older more buggy release. It's on 
MailScanner ships with the latest version available at the time of release.

David Vosburgh wrote:
> Sujith Emmanuel wrote:
>> Dear all,
>>     I am seeing TNEF loops in my mail gateway today,
>> [root at mailscan mqueue]# rm -rf dfl39LTsWf020664
>> [root at mailscan mqueue]# tail -f /var/log/maillog | grep l39LTsWf020664
>> Apr 10 17:59:09 mailscan MailScanner[4473]: Message l39LTsWf020664 has
>> had TNEF winmail.dat removed
>> Apr 10 17:59:11 mailscan MailScanner[4809]: SpamAssassin cache hit for
>> message l39LTsWf020664
>> Apr 10 17:59:11 mailscan MailScanner[4809]: Expanding TNEF archive at
>> /var/spool/MailScanner/incoming/4809/l39LTsWf020664/winmail.dat
> <snip>
>> Does anyone have any clues on what could be the problem?
>> Thanks and Regards
>> Sujith Emmanuel
> I ran into the same problem a few times when using the TNEF expander 
> program.  I posted essentially the same question as you, and there was 
> a consensus to switch to the internal expander.  After making the 
> switch,   I haven't noticed the problem again.
> In my MailScanner.conf, I now have the following:
> TNEF Expander  = internal
> #TNEF Expander = /usr/bin/tnef --maxsize=100000000


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