SPF_Fail score too low?

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at ci.juneau.ak.us
Fri Apr 6 17:13:15 IST 2007

> There is no way to test what other users are doing with your SPF info.
You can only look at your user complaints about mail they sent that was:
>1. undelivered
>2. marked as spam by someone else's spam filter

And that's the rub.  People say test, but there's no *real* way to test
that I can see.  One has to think carefully about how mail is sent from
their domain or they inflict problems like Matt described on themselves.

I've been spending the last hour and a half going through my mail logs
looking at spf hardfails.  There's a couple in there that I'll have to
whitelist.  Guess I'll fire off a notice to the postmaster of the domain
letting them know they need to update their records as a courtesy.

I had been of the mind that a softfail was more or less useless, but it
occurred to me this morning that it can be an asset in that it
increments the spam score.  I'd prefer to reject at MTA but it's nice
that sa can use it as well.  It's just not much of a test tool...

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