SPF_Fail score too low?

Matt Kettler mkettler at evi-inc.com
Fri Apr 6 17:09:42 IST 2007

Kevin Miller wrote:
> Matt Kettler wrote:
>> Kevin Miller wrote:
>>> Matt Kettler wrote:
>> snip
>> It's gotchas like that which make me suggest starting off at neutral.
>> Even though you can reliably know what machines SHOULD be allowed to
>> send mail from your domain, you might have servers that DO send mail
>> from your domain even though they should not that provide critical
>> business services. 
> I understand the problem, but I'm still unclear on how one test for it.

The problem I cited would show up in inbound email to my network, so I could
very easily detect it.

The HR dept only uses the resume service to forward resumes's to managers and
other HR staff here. It forges my own domain when sending mail to us.

They don't use that service to send mail to other domains.

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