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Hi folks,

I spent 2 1/2 weeks unconscious in intensive care with 10 monitors, 9
tubes, a ventilator, 2 nurses and a technician looking after just me, 24
hours a day. They finally brought me round when I was well enough, and I
then spent the next 2 weeks learning how breathe, talk, use my hands,
walk and all the necessary stuff like that.

So I am now back at home, and have my parents living in my house with me
helping to look after me. We are all getting on fine, and life would be
really hard if they weren't here. They have fixed everything and cleared
out all my old junk that I don't want any more, so I now have a nice
tidy house again with plenty of spare space. I won't be able to find
anything for a while, but it's really nice to have everything neat and
tidy again :-)

It's going to be a fair while before I'm up to doing anything to do with

This note is basically to send a very big thankyou for all the Get Well
Soon cards you have sent me from all over the world, along with all the
emails sending your best wishes too. They are all very much appreciated
and it really brightened up my day every time someone from work called
in with some more cards from around the globe. So thank you very much
for all of them!

So I'm still alive, though it was very touch and go for the first 10
days, and more or less back in the land of the living. Don't expect any
more than the odd health update for a while yet though :-)


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Glad to hear you're home!  Sounds like you have great parents who care a
lot about you!  Cheers to them, and continue to rest and renew your

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Smith Neufeld Jodoin LLP
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