I'm back at home

Koopmann, Jan-Peter jan-peter at koopmann.eu
Wed Apr 4 16:12:57 IST 2007

Hi Jules,

I am very glad your are back under the living. And I am glad your
parents successfully convinced you not to start work again right away.
:-) Please take all the time you need for a full recovery.

You most obviously have done a brilliant job with MailScanner so far
since no major bugs or urgent wishes came up during the past weeks.
Let's assume this will continue so by all means: There is no reason
whatsoever to "come back" too soon. :-)

Other than that I agree with most others here:

- Get well!!!
- We are very glad you are back!
- The only real topic was SAV and the religous "war" over it was fun to
read but not too important.
- Tell your parents we said hi and they are welcome to stop by any time
at our places to improve living quality here as well! :-)
- Next time you need "Home Improvement" let us know and we will try to
collectivly arrange something that does not endanger your health so


Best wishes,

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