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I have just built a 1U server with two 2.4GHz Opterons and 4GB RAM. We are processing ~30,000 emails per day and have image SPAM recognition running aswell. The load on the server never goes about 1 even when under load. We also put the Postfix and MailScanner queues on a TMPFS for improved performance, hence having quite a large amount of memory.  If running image recognition then CPU power will also be important.



On Wed, 4 Apr 2007 11:12:07 +0100, "Paul Hutchings" <paul.hutchings at> wrote:
> Folks,
> Looking for a little feedback.
> I've been evaluating MailScanner for a couple of weeks now and it seems
> pretty clear it's more than up to what we want, so I'm looking at
> replacing our existing relay hardware.
> Given the MAQ says "A Dual Xeon with 2 GB of RAM and 15K SCSI disks can
> process up to 1,4 million of messages/day" and we accept and process
> maybe 30,000 on a busy week I think it's fair to say that pretty much
> any new server we buy will be more than sufficient.
> My question is, broadly speaking which would be best to have more of,
> CPU, ram, or disk subsystem?
> I'm looking at the cheapest HP/Sun/Dell servers which tend to be SATA
> disks and slower dual-core CPUs but with plenty of memory slots.
> TIA,
> Paul
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