New Server Specs?

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Looking for a little feedback.

I've been evaluating MailScanner for a couple of weeks now and it seems
pretty clear it's more than up to what we want, so I'm looking at
replacing our existing relay hardware.

Given the MAQ says "A Dual Xeon with 2 GB of RAM and 15K SCSI disks can
process up to 1,4 million of messages/day" and we accept and process
maybe 30,000 on a busy week I think it's fair to say that pretty much
any new server we buy will be more than sufficient.
My question is, broadly speaking which would be best to have more of,
CPU, ram, or disk subsystem?
I'm looking at the cheapest HP/Sun/Dell servers which tend to be SATA
disks and slower dual-core CPUs but with plenty of memory slots.

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