Whitelisting certain outbound messages

Greg Matthews gmatt at nerc.ac.uk
Wed Apr 4 09:47:51 IST 2007

Paul Hutchings wrote:
> This is genuine curiosity not meant to be a smart-alec remark but why
> would people want to spam check their outbound mail?

a number of reasons:
- spam being bounced by OoO responders
- filtering mail from an internal virus-infected desktop
- enforcing content policies
- someones brain-dead php webform compromised sending out spam

> I can't get my head around letting a message out that suggests "We think
> this is spam but we sent it anyway"?

right - so you'd need a filter to determine whether it is spam or not...

> Easy for me to say as a Company mail admin vs. say an ISP/Uni, I'm just
> curious.

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