OT: Multiple Outgoing IPs?

Desai, Jason jase at sensis.com
Mon Apr 2 22:12:53 IST 2007

> Does that make sense?
> What we are trying to do is separate out the email so that 
> bonded sender
> information for one domain is not affected by the bounces and 
> such from
> another domain.

Sounds like you want different routing tables based on the email domain.
If you're using Linux, you might be able to use iptables to mark certain
packets, and have them use a different routing table with a different
default route.  The hard part will be how to mark the packets.  I don't
know sendmail, but if you could get it to use a particular source ip
address based on the domain that would provide a way to mark the

See the Linux Advanced Routing howto.


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