OT: Multiple Outgoing IPs?

Paul Kelly :: Blacknight paul at blacknight.ie
Mon Apr 2 21:30:53 IST 2007

Jim Coates wrote:
> Hey gang...
> This is totally off-topic, but I know there are some very smart individuals
> here who might have some ideas for me.
> The company I work for recently purchased another company (both companies
> are very small).
> Because of how we track bonded sender info and such, I need to have both
> domains (one for each company) sending outgoing mail on different IPs.
> Ideally, I don't want to add another mail server and would like to be able
> to take advantage of all the filtering and such that I have enabled on the
> existing *nix based mail server.
> I've been told that it is not possible to set outgoing IPs in SendMail, so
> I'm looking for suggestions of how I might be able to make this work.

Could you explain a little bit more as to what you need? I'll ask a 
question or two so I can clarify what I think you want to do.

You have an existing scanning machine where domain1.com lives, is that 

You want domain2.com to have its inbound e-mail sent to this box and 
have it delivered onto another mailserver by IP address, is that correct?

If you could answer that, I'll see what might work for you.


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