Bounced Mail - DNS Problems?

Res res at
Mon Apr 2 09:49:47 IST 2007

On Mon, 2 Apr 2007, Johnny Stork wrote:

> No not yet, mail headers still show the local, non routable ip and local 
> machines domain name. Now this server is behind a firewall so does this make 
> a difference?

Want to send me off-list a copy of your AND the current ? I can have a look at it.

Include in the private email,  the hostname of your gateway machine, this 
means any name you call it and any actually domain name given to your live 
ip, any IP's associated with it, any domain names you have set to it 
internally (by way of /etc/hosts)

When your server, behind a nat'd gateway, sends out it should be accepted 
by the receiver as a live IP (of your NAT box) regardless of what you call 
it internally.


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