Controling bounce-back queue

Errol Neal eneal at
Thu Sep 28 01:43:56 IST 2006

>> Is the queue directory for bounce back messages IE 
>> postmaster at hardcoded? I'd like to change this directory to

>> one that is serviced at a much lower priority. I'm already using 
>> for the MultipleQueueDir but it seems to have no 
>> effect
>> Return '/var/spool/mqueue.spam' if $message->{from} eq 
>> 'postmaster at';

>Use a ruleset applied to the Outgoing Queue Dir setting in
>Though I suspect that Milter-Null will solve the problem you are
actually having, in a much better way than a MailScanner >ruleset.
>It can tell the difference between delivery failure notifications as a
result of your own outgoing mail, and delivery >>>
>failure notifications which are spam fallout. It deletes all the ones
that are spam fallout. 
>It has solved the problem here perfectly.

I totally forgot about that rule set. But my issue here is not
backscatter. On low scoring spam, we notify the sender for some domains.
For those that get a large volume of low scoring spam, I'd rather move
those messages into a low priority queue and have them serviced less
frequently while important messages are routed to the next hop MTA.

Thanks Julian!

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