Multiple Recipient Whitelist & Blacklist Rules

Jeff Ellis jeff at
Wed Sep 27 15:43:11 IST 2006

I have two users user1 at and user2 at that both
receive email from someotheruser at

user1 wants all email from someotheruser blacklisted but user2 wants
email from someotheruser whitelisted.

i have set up spam.whitelist.rules and spam.blacklist.rules as follows:

From: someotheruser at and To: user2 at  yes
FromOrTo:    default    no

From: someotheruser at and To: user1 at  yes
FromOrTo:   default   no

If email comes in from someotheruser to either recipient alone, the
rules work as expected but if the email has both recipients in the To:
line (or if it's BCC'd to both) the email is whitelisted and user1
receives email she doesn't want. MailScanner.conf is seeing the rulesets
correctly since it works if either user is the only recipient. I know
this can be done by setting up another Postfix server that splits out
the recipients and relays on to the main Postfix and MailScanner server
but wondered if it can be accomplished just through MailScanner?

CentOS 4.3
Postfix 2.2.11
MailScanner 4.56.6-1

Thanks for any help with this.

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