OT: Re: Mails disappear

Arthur Sherman arturs at netvision.net.il
Mon Sep 25 23:29:41 IST 2006


This is not a new setup.The only change I did was to alter RBLs, which
proved to work and report to maillog.
I actually thought it was a MailScanner that suddenly went wrong.
After some thought and advices - from you, guys - it is probably DCC
greylisting which has never been triggered before. I have mentioned that a
weekly DCC update created a new dcc_conf, which had not Greylisting
explicitly off. Without it reporting to maillog, it was a luck to find it.

Sorry I've brought this off-topic here. Then again, there are some high
level masters here around, so it was instinctive. :)

Thank you a lot!


Arthur Sherman


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