Problem with rulesets

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at
Fri Sep 22 23:31:29 IST 2006

Mike Jakubik wrote:
> Kevin Miller wrote:
>> The *score* is a numerical entry that you can set.  It can be a
>> ruleset but that would be under the "*High SpamAssassin Score*"
>> keyword, not the "*High Scoring Spam Actions*" arena.
> Wow.. Please don't top post or use HTML in mailing lists.

Yeah, sorry about that.  Usually I do neither.  By default I have
Outlook (sigh) set to plain text and bottom posting but it replies in
kind so picked up the formatting of the person I was replying to.

In the mean time, go have a tall cold one to start the weekend.  It's,
uh, on Glenn. <g>


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