Problem with rulesets

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The *score* is a numerical entry that you can set.  It can be a ruleset
but that would be under the "	High SpamAssassin Score" keyword, not
the "		High Scoring Spam Actions" arena.	
If you're only using one value for high scoring spam set "High
SpamAssassin Score" to that value.  Then point "	High Scoring
Spam Actions" to your ruleset.  If you want a different High
SpamAssassin Score for different domains, create a ruleset for that.  In
your email below, you were assigning a value in the action ruleset, not
the score ruleset.  Hope that makes sense.
Do you have vi?  Just in case it is a crlf issue (not likely but who
knows), open your ruleset files and MailScanner.conf in vi.  If there is
a ^M on the end of the lines, clean them up.
Also, have you tried running a message through in debug mode?  If you
stated you did previously I apoligize - I sorta get lost in all these
threads after a while.  I have a photographic memory but ran out of film
when I was four...

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According to the link you posted, its a numerical entry.. It works on an
old mailscanner server i have access too. (i didnt set it up)

Maybe someone can post what their spam-action ruleset looks like, maybe
im going wrong somewhere.

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	> Well im pretty sure my GTUBE test is working correctly, it
just confirms
	> exactly whats happening with normal spam thats hitting my
	>  Its reading the following line fine : 
	>  FromOrTo:       default                 deliver
	>  However it isnt reading these lines :
	>  To:     *     delete
	>  I've been editing the rules via my ssh session, anyway i dont
use windows, 
	> OSX all the way :)
	Should please the FreeBSD crowd around here:-).
	>  Something else i've just noticed, my spamhigh actions arent
being picked up
	> either.
	>  High Scoring Spam Actions = 
	> %rules-dir%/spamhigh.action.rules
	>  In spamhigh.action rules i have :
	>  FromOrTo:       default 20
	>  And its marking stuff as high scoring spam when its under 20.
	Ok, well ... that is wrong. The rulesets need end up with the
	settings for the paticular variable, and "20" simply isn't one
	them... See
	What you want to do is set that ruleset for
	I'll have to agree with Kevin, something is fishy about how your
	scoring" spam actions are functioning... I suppose OSX has left
	abominable <CR> line-ending in the dust...:-):-). 
	Cheers (yeah, slightly into my cups...:-)
	-- Glenn
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