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Fri Sep 22 19:07:55 IST 2006

Jeremy Blonde wrote:
> Just wanted to ask the list if they are using greylisting and if 
> they've enountered any problems with using it.  I've implemented a 
> small delay and it seems to be working okay right now.

We use it on our mailscanning gateways. Works very well. Though, we've 
set a 48 hour delay on expiring ips and we've also whitelist a load of 
local ISPs and troublesome mail servers.

Time helped any issues we had.

Works well, I believe between xbl.spamhaus and greylisting, we're 
dropping roughly 85% of e-mail at smtp transaction time. This is 
artificially high because the greylisted servers retry. I believe the 
figure to be around 50% of all email is dropped at smtp time by sendmail.

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