invalid RDJ (SARE Stocks) this morning?

Edward Prendergast edward.prendergast at
Fri Sep 22 14:15:16 IST 2006

Hi Daniel,


I experienced this problem too:


RulesDuJour Run Summary on


SARE Stocks Ruleset) has changed on

Version line: # Version: 01.00.35


***WARNING***: spamassassin --lint -p
/usr/mailscanner/etc/spam.assassin.prefs.conf failed.

Rolling configuration files back, not restarting SpamAssassin.

Rollback command is:  mv -f /etc/mail/spamassassin/
/etc/mail/spamassassin/RulesDuJour/; mv -f


Lint output: [23569] warn: config: invalid regexp for rule SARE_MLB_Stock6:
/(?:(E\.GL\.y)|(Eg \|_ y)|(e g \|
y)|(egly)|.P.\s+.P.\s+.?\s+.T.\s+.L.|.P.\s+.P.\s+.T.\s+.L.|A B S Y|A D\s+Y
E|A G.A-O|A M S N|A$ \s*[Tt]\s*[Ll\|]|\(PPT\|_\)|\(pptl\)|n.s.?l.t|\|\\|
.~. S .~. \|_ .~. T|_N S L T_|__ \|\\| S L T|`P...`P...`T...`L|cgdc|e g !_
y|f.?c.?y.?i|hlun|r . t .$describe SARE_MLB_Stock6 ML obfuscated ticker
symbols: missing or invalid delimiters

[23569] warn: config: warning: description exists for non-existent rule

[23569] warn: config: warning: score set for non-existent rule

[23569] warn: lint: 3 issues detected, please rerun with debug enabled for
more information






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Subject: invalid RDJ (SARE Stocks) this morning?


Hello all,


Did anybody else have problems updating Rules Du Jour this morning;
specifically, the SARE Stocks Ruleset?


I want to know if it’s a problem with the rules file that’s being
distributed, or something local.  Thanks!



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