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Greg Matthews gmatt at
Thu Sep 21 13:25:54 IST 2006

Roger Jochem wrote:
> I'm building a new web server / mail server this month. The last one is 
> becoming really slow in mail processing... It's a 2 years old machine, 
> it's allready retirement time for that machine. Today CPU and memory are 
> in some parts of the day in max utilization.
> I'm thinking in a Pentium D 930 3 Ghz Dual Core 2x2mb chache with 1 Gb 
> of memory, and 2 SATA disks (80 Gb each). Is this a good machine for the 
> service? Is somebody using 64 bits machine for this kind of server? 
> Would a 64 bits machine perform a better job?

that sould do fine for 20000 messages! My relays each get around 200k 
hits per day and each delivers 30-50k messages. These are pretty old 
dual Xeon 2.8GHz. The only thing you might worry about is memory. 1GB is 
a bit low for this type of server. I had to upgrade the memory in mine 
last year to 3GB.

> I'm using Centos 3 in the actual machine. In the new one I would 
> consider Centos 4 (maybe the 64 bits version, if 64 bits machine would 
> do a better job).

The Opteron is a pretty fast cpu, but 32/64 bit probably wont affect you 

> This machine should deal with 20.000 messages / day (about 1 Gb in 
> size), mcafee, clamav, bitdefender, mailwatch, spamassassin, mysql, php 
> and apache 2.

spamassassin and those AV will need adequate CPU and esp memory.

> Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated!

I'd be less inclined to go for up to the minute hardware than build 
quality. Dual redundant PSU, mirrored disks etc.

Is anyone using a coolthreads CPU? would that technology suit this sort 
of application?


> Regards
> Roger Jochem

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