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Martin Hepworth martinh at
Thu Sep 21 10:15:16 IST 2006

Glenn Steen wrote:
> On 20/09/06, Julian Field <MailScanner at> wrote:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> I've done your previous suggestion. Everything under data is writable by
>> everyone or owned by apache.
>> Still having trouble? If so, I'm stuck.
> Ah, progress, of a kind:-)
> Checking do=check on the page[1] now gives:
> DokuWiki version: Release 2006-03-09b
> PHP version 4.4.2
> Changelog is writable
> Datadir is writable
> Attic is writable
> Mediadir is writable
> Cachedir is writable
> conf/users.auth.php is writable
> mb_string extension not available - PHP only replacements will be used
> Debugging support is disabled
> Your current permission for this page is 15
> The current page is not writable by the webserver
> The current page is not writable you
> .... while all else is writable by me (yes, I am logged on, as can be
> seen by the above (permission == 15)).
> So it seems that you've missed one:-). That file is <DW root, wherever
> you put 
> it>/data/pages/documentation/configuration/mta/postfix/how_to:split_mails_per_recipient.txt 
> You did clear out the cahce too?
> [1]: 

Seems alot more snappier now as well....pages load v quick as opposed 
top the 20-30 seconds yesterday....

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