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Thu Sep 21 10:01:45 IST 2006

On 20/09/06, Julian Field <MailScanner at> wrote:
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> I've done your previous suggestion. Everything under data is writable by
> everyone or owned by apache.
> Still having trouble? If so, I'm stuck.
Ah, progress, of a kind:-)

Checking do=check on the page[1] now gives:
DokuWiki version: Release 2006-03-09b
PHP version 4.4.2
Changelog is writable
Datadir is writable
Attic is writable
Mediadir is writable
Cachedir is writable
conf/users.auth.php is writable
mb_string extension not available - PHP only replacements will be used
Debugging support is disabled
Your current permission for this page is 15
The current page is not writable by the webserver
The current page is not writable you
.... while all else is writable by me (yes, I am logged on, as can be
seen by the above (permission == 15)).
So it seems that you've missed one:-). That file is <DW root, wherever
you put it>/data/pages/documentation/configuration/mta/postfix/how_to:split_mails_per_recipient.txt

You did clear out the cahce too?


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