Location of mailscanner, why does it change?

Hans de Groot hansg at dandy.nl
Tue Sep 19 09:21:34 IST 2006


I installed a version of mailscanner years ago. 

This one installed on /etc/Mailscanner. (or atleast the configuration
files did)

A few months ago I updated it to a more recent version (4.48) and this I
installed in on 2 servers.

The problem was that now MailScanner was installing in /opt/MailScanner.
/etc/Mailscanner was no longer used.

Okay well it took some time to change pths and things. noproblem.

However now I have a third server which I instaleld it on (version 4.55)
and now it's back in /etc/MailScanner Not in /opt.

This very anoying, coz I was planning to just copy the config files from
the other installation. 

I suspect it's me not dooing something right. 

I download the rpm version from the site.

Is there anyway to crontrol where mailscanner is installing or did I
download the wrong version? 

If not, what will be the defaul location for Mailscanner to live in?

Anytips are very welcome.


Hans de Groot

Hans de Groot 
Email: hansg at dandy.nl   www: http://www.dandy.nl

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