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Mon Sep 18 11:09:47 IST 2006

On 17/09/06, Julian Field <MailScanner at> wrote:
> I copied over the wiki from my ECS site to my site. Any
> ideas where I might have gone wrong? You folks know more about docuwiki
> admin than I do!
> It appears that everyone has lost write privs to pages. Any ideas how I
> might fix it?

Check that the cache and changes.log can be written (by the webserver
user... This is likely OK, since do=check doesn't complain).
Also, clearing out the cache might be a good idea (cd <dokuwiki root
directory>; rm -rf data/cache/?/*).

All the data/* subdirectories _and all content below that_ need be
writeable... I'm not exactly sure as to how thoroughly do=check will
check this. Doing a recursive chown and/or chmod vannot be wrong

Also, do you have anything ... interresting... set in httpd.conf
and/or .htaccess? DW can "survive" quite "harsh" environments
(safe_mode etc), but one might need ... adjust... things. Those errors
usually make the DW completely non-functional, so... We would've
noticed that one quicker:-)

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