OOT: Pyzor discovery problem

Peter Bates Peter.Bates at lshtm.ac.uk
Fri Sep 15 10:53:10 IST 2006

Hello all...

> Martin Hepworth <martinh at solidstatelogic.com> 15/09/06 09:22:56 >>>
> From what I can see pyzor is having problems...there's only one
>and I can never "pyzor ping" it...always times out and I've not had a

>pyzor score in my spam for weeks...

I'd definitely agree with this, and disabled Pyzor (I have DCC and
Razor2, so you could
argue I'm well into overkill territory) earlier this week, as a result
of the consistent
'TimeOutError' responses from a ping.

One thing I've definitely seen (albeit only once) is when doing a
'discover' is the
client being unable to reach the Sourceforge site in a timely fashion
to get some
output to fill the 'servers' file. This resulted in a mangled 'servers'
file which naturally
make the client throw a wobbly every time. For this reason now I keep a
copy of the
servers file and just do a diff/md5sum from time to time to see if it's

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