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Wed Sep 13 16:18:39 IST 2006

Hi All,

I have been modifying the mailgraph script that is floating around on the net to get the necessary statistics from Postfix and MailScanner.

The Postfix side of things is all completed, but I am having a few issues with the MailScanner side.  The problem I have is that I could use the line :-

if($prog eq 'MailScanner') {
                if($text =~ /Uninfected/ ) {
                        my $clean = substr($text,index($text,"Delivered")+10,(index($text,"messages")-(index($text,"Delivered")+11)));
                        while ($clean > 0) {
                        event($time, 'sent');

but this includes emails that get forwarded based on the SPAM actions, and therefore does not give a true representation of clean emails processed, like you would see in MailWatch.  Virus counting etc is all working fine, so would it be possible to show in the output to maillog the true number of clean emails processed in each batch ?


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