No logging in Solaris 9 (with workaround) - question?

René Berber r.berber at
Wed Sep 13 08:17:25 IST 2006

Randy Fishel wrote:
>> Testing other Solaris servers:
>> Solaris 8  / perl 5.6.1(AS) /  doesn't work as above, it works with
>> commented else
>    Try using 'inet', instead of 'udp', and see if that works.

Solaris 8 / perl 5.6.1(AS) / works fine with inet, as well as w/o setlogsock()
Solaris 9 / perl 5.8.0     / same result as Sol8, but see note[1].

[1] The output is different btw. the test that uses setlogsock('inet') and the one that just opens the log w/o using setlogsock(), the second test's output is in normal syslog format, the first shows a different host name (localhost actually) and doesn't show [ID facility.severity]; same output as the first test happens with 'udp'.

René Berber

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