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Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at
Tue Sep 12 23:12:09 IST 2006

Last week there was a thread about MailScanner ceasing to work.  I was
seeing that behavior - it was running, but was all balled up.  Turned
out that when 'MailScanner restart' was called that some sendmail
processes persisted past the $RESTART_DELAY time.  This only appears to
happen on later MS servers.  Not sure what changes to the init script
make the difference - my 4.48 server doesn't have a problem.  

The pids that MailScanner creates all evaporate almost immediately; the
persistent sendmail processes are generally (as nearly as I can tell)
connections that smf-sav initiates.  (smf-sav is sorta like
milter-sender and milter-ahead rolled into one.)  I wasn't seeing the
problem until I installed it, but it's too nifty to get rid of even if
it's not as robust as the milters from Snertsoft.

It can take up to a minute or two for all the connections to expire.
I'm guessing the remote hosts are maybe doing greet-pause or graylisting
when I do the sender verification, which causes them to sit around for a

Anyway, my workaround was to introduce the following bit of code in
/etc/init.d/MailScanner so that the all the orphaned sendmail processes
are gone before trying to restart MailScanner.  

    $0 stop
    # Initialize the test variable
    # Loop as long as there's a sendmail process
    while [ "$Pidval" != "" ];
	  # Look for sendmail but ignore the grep
        Pidval=`ps aux | grep sendmail | grep -v grep`
        echo $Pidval
        sleep $RESTART_DELAY
    $0 start

FWIW, I'm running on SUSE.  Not sure if this will affect Postfix/Exim,
etc.  I assume no responsibility if it breaks your server and all that.

Hope this helps others.  Julian, et al., is free to use it in future
releases at their discretion...

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