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Julian Field MailScanner at
Mon Sep 11 19:43:06 IST 2006

Ron Broersma wrote:
> I'm curious, does anyone else have any anecdotal evidence as to 
> whether Internal or External is better (speed, reliability, etc)?  
> MailScanner.conf comments indicate that there is uncertainty as to 
> which is better.  I've been using external just because that is the 
> default.  What are others doing?

A while ago, the internal one was a lot more flexible than the external 
one, and was able to process a lot more different formats than the 
external one.
However, the internal one is slower.
So if you are likely to have a lot of winmail.dat TNEF messages, perhaps 
due to having internal badly-configured Exchange servers or novice 
Outlook users running fairly old versions of Outlook, then you are 
better off with the faster one, the external one.
If you have problems with the external one not being able to analyse 
winmail.dat TNEF messages, then switch to the internal one.

However, recently the external one has had quite a lot of work done to 
it, and has improved quite a lot. So now you may want to use the 
external one. But be sure to get the very latest 1.4.3 from as earlier versions have a nasty bug 
involving UTF16-encoded filenames, which can cause MailScanner to crash 
as it generates files that don't match what it says it has created. I 
posted this as a bug report few weeks ago, and the author very promptly 
fixed the problem and released 1.4.3 which works pretty reliably now.

So I would probably recommend the external one (version 1.4.3) now, as I 
haven't found any problems with the new version, and it is faster than 
the internal one.

All future MailScanner releases will include the external tnef-1.4.3.

It's a close call now.

Julian Field
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