BETA: Max SpamAssassin Size for sendmail and Postfix

Kash, Howard (Civ, ARL/CISD) hmkash at
Mon Sep 11 16:39:24 IST 2006

> Though & wish: apply the VERY simple spamc method: "max msg size" and 
> save lots of cpu time and potential FPs avoiding scanning even chuncks

> of oversized msgs.

Seems like it would be very simple to have an option like

   Max SpamAssassin Size = 45k drop

that would just bypass SA entirely if the message size exceeded the
specified size.

Then I think it would have all of the features that everyone wanted.

Thank you very much, Julian, for adding this new feature.  Please don't
take it out.  There's no change from the current behavior, so people
that don't need it don't even have to worry/care about it.  I think
you'll find that more than 1% will use it, if not now, maybe later on as
more SA plugins are developed that break with truncated attachments.


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