Derek Catanzaro derek at
Sun Sep 10 00:48:51 IST 2006

Greg Borders wrote:
> Logan Shaw wrote:
>> On Tue, 5 Sep 2006, Rob Poe wrote:
>>> Is there a way to start MailScanner so that it processes any messages
>>> in it's queue, but does not accept new incoming messages?
>> Well, it's a queue that sendmail and MailScanner share (sendmail
>> is the producer, MailScanner is the consumer), so it's not
>> really MailScanner that controls whether messages are accepted.
>> You could kill the incoming sendmail, but I don't recommend it.
> Usage: service MailScanner 
> {start|stop|status|restart|reload|startin|startout|stopms}
> Couldn't you issue
> service MailScanner stop
> service MailScanner startout
> And thus have MS process any messages in queue, and not accept any new 
> messages.
> We must keep in mind, MailScanner is the puppet master, and the MTA, 
> virus scanners and SA are all puppets!
> Greg. Borders
> Sys. Admin.
> JLC Co.
Back to the original question.  You can have MailScanner process 
messages in the queue without accepting new messages.  As Greg Borders 
mentioned you have to issue the commands above but one was left out 
(check_MailScanner).  So issue the following:

service MailScanner stop  (note:  I normally issue a "service 
MailScanner status" after this to make sure MS and sendmail in/out 
turned off, sometimes I have to do a service MailScanner stop a couple 
of times to make sure everything is off)
service MailScanner startout

This will prevent sendmail from accepting new email while processing all 
of the messages that are currently in the queue.


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