Mark Nienberg gmane at
Sat Sep 9 19:48:59 IST 2006

I downloaded and ran the latest install-Clam-SA today as both my Clamav 
and SpamAssassin were slightly out of date.  I noticed that when 
Spamassassin was being built it complained that

LWP::UserAgent and

were not installed so the sa-update feature would not function.  Should 
these modules be added to the install script or should I install them 
myself? I am not using sa-update anyway (at least not knowingly), but 
maybe I should be?

Also, I had previously consolidated all of the various 
/etc/mail/spamassassin/*.pre files into a single init.pre.  I was 
surprised that the install script created new V310.pre and V312.pre files.

Mark Nienberg

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