RBL blocking emails by mistake?

Res res at
Sat Sep 9 05:54:38 IST 2006

On Fri, 8 Sep 2006, John Rudd wrote:

> On Sep 8, 2006, at 7:35 PM, Res wrote:
>> That depends upon why there were listed, of course we all know spammers 
>> never see what they do as spamming, spamcop do have an automated listing 
>> process if you send to one of their spamtrap addresses, an address thats 
>> never real, never read, nerer given out to anyone, to send to this address 
>> means someones up to no good, be it deliberate or virus, either way its a
>> legitmate listing IMHO caused by the sender.
> Except of course that ... you're wrong.  Not just a little wrong, flat out 
> wrong.
> Autoresponders, if they see a message from a spamtrap, will respond to it.

i never said they didnt, they dont respond to and address on your network 
just for the hell of it, but with your antichrist attitude towards SC im 
sure you'll think of a reason.

> That seems to be what has happened to us.  Multiple times.

yes, and how? i mean you are clearly 110% stating it was not your users 
and they never did this (but ive neer know a spamemr to admit to 
anything), my question to you is how the hell do you know!
Most people in this case are virus infected and most never even know they
are doing it themselves!

something presented their email address from your mail server to the 
spamtrap address.

everyone is entitled to their own opinion, some ppl applaud SC for their 
stand and others like you are appauled by it, welcome to life :)


"Just a world that we all must share, it's not enough just to stand and
stare, is it only a dream that there'll be no more turning away" - Floyd

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