Question about upgrading (possible enhancement)

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Fri Sep 8 20:41:27 IST 2006

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> Subject: Question about upgrading (possible enhancement)
> I have avoided doing an upgrade on top of an old version of
> MailScanner. I usually build an entirely new server with the new
> version and then swap the servers.
> I have a question about doing upgrades... Are the old configuration
> file values "imported" into the new MailScanner configuration files?
> If so is there a way to run what ever program that does that
> seperately?
> Having to go through the old and the new config files by hand and get
> all the setting changes I use is a bit of a pain.
> If there is isn't such a tool, I think it would be a good feature to
> add in the future.
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> Dennis Willson

It's already there. Just run:


To see the usage. With this tool upgrading MailScanner in place is dead

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