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Wed Sep 6 14:43:17 IST 2006

On 06/09/06, Aaron K. Moore <amoore at> wrote:
> I'd look into white listing Swedish mail servers.  Not being able to use
> RBLs is extremely limiting.  Perhaps it's time to start lobbying your
> government for changing their guidelines.
I wish it was that simple... I would personally love to be able to use
a few RBLs at the MTA level.
Two things:
1) It is not restricted to Swedish mail servers, it is regarding
Swedish citizens, wherever they choose to reside, whatever ISP or
whatnot they choose to use. Kind of defeats the whitelist idea,
2) If I cannot make them see the light with something as simple to
grasp as the badness of software patents (Swedish representatives have
been very much in favour of the much-hated EU proposal), what is the
chance of me making a bunch of lawyers and politicians see the
usefulness of RBLs? If I understand correctly, it was a rather big win
to not have them banned entirely in the guiodelines. Sigh.

So far though, we've had tremendous succcess with simple measures (RFC
strictness, recipient verification etc), so ... I'll muiddle along:-).
But thanks for all the suggestions.

-- Glenn
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