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Wed Sep 6 13:18:59 IST 2006

On Tue, 5 Sep 2006, Dennis Willson wrote:

> are. Recently I had problems with SpamCop listing yahoo groups servers and my 
> users yelled about that...

if sp[amcop listed em its for a very good reason and I know personally 
yahoo ignore complaints, so i wouldnt say it was wrongfully listed

>> I also operate in similar way with the sendmail and qmail access files, if 
>> we complain about spammers and a network fails to act after multiple

> This is a poor way block Spam. Since most Spammers use spoofed email 
> addresses including using valid user addresses who had nothing to do with the 
> Spam (usually by picking an address from their sending list and use that as 
> the From: address), so while it may block some Spam, it also blocks many many

huh? we do our homework, who the hell blocks using the from lines these days

> users that had nothing to do with sending Spam. itself does not 
> send Spam, while some Spam comes from email addresses that say they're from

bullshit! if comcast ignore complaints proven to be their scumbag 
spammer users they are JUST as much at fault as the idiot spammer.



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